About Me

I had 25 years of adventure in the catering industry before I finally opened The Milk Shed. I waitressed anywhere I found myself; cooked in the galley of yacht in the Caribbean; washed up after Australians in Amsterdam; and then had 12 years of fun and games in the event catering world, meddling in the kitchen and menu writing. All my spare cash was spent eating out in the name of research!


On Friday 29th March 2013, after a frantic 3 weeks of scrubbing, painting, organising utilities, accounts with food and drink suppliers, coffee machines, pdq machines, float, menu boards, sign writers, website & email, company and VAT registration, uniforms, china, cutlery, not to mention the actual menu, we opened. And the last 8 years has been a blur of organised chaos! 

Chef and Owner Lucie Ellis

All the really beautiful photos are courtesy of the incredibly talented Deb Porter @debporterphotographer

(the less good ones are probably mine!)

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